The Europe prize

On the 23d of August a stroke gallop for Arab horses will take place on the Warsaw racetrack. We are looking forward to this stirring event. The Europe prize (Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultun Al Nanyan) is the most prestigious prize of all and our 4 year old horse Nadeem (John - Neringa) will contend for it. The race distance is 2600 meters. Nadeem's grandfather Gepard was one of the third Arab horses from Russia who took the first prize. Our Nadeem will compete with the best Arab horses of his age, including Amer's son Amerretto and Nezhman's son Ussam de Karrera from France. This great team also consists of Vohn's son Derbist Alladin from Poland, Marvan and Nugateen's sons from Russia, Ontario and Akbars' sons from Poland. We wish our training team and Nadeem good luck and will watch the race online -